The saying goes that you should never mix business with pleasure. However, in the world of design, to go against the grain is normally a good thing. So, feeling empowered by this we decided to embark on a project to combine the two great loves of our lives, design and fishing.

Our plan is to launch a clothing range aimed at fisherman primarily but that young, fashion conscious males would want to wear outside of the sport and just because it looked nice.

After some serious thinking, Brankcraft was born and we went about designing its branding. The logo and brand identity we’ve gone for is masculine and contemporary. We created a bespoke font so we fully owned the identity and handcrafted an ‘A’ that would represent the bivvy in which fishermen spend their time when on the bank. We’re delighted with the result.

Our next challenge was to design our first t-shirt. Having full creative free reign was a fantastic experience and allowed us to really indulge ourselves when it came to the motif. The hand-drawn illustration which now adorns the back of our very first t-shirt takes inspiration from some of our favourite designers and fits perfectly with the look and feel we wanted for the brand.

We embarked on a makeshift  photoshoot to capture the clothing where it would most likely be seen, on the lake side. We retouched the photos ourselves to give them a masculine look and to ensure they stood out from other clothing brands in the angling market.

We’re yet to officially launch the clothing brand as we want to ensure we have a small range to offer potential customers. We also want to spend time selecting clothing samples and printers that suit the aspirational feel for the brand that we want to go for.

So far, its just been a real joy to fully own every aspect of the project and get to indulge all of our passions. Of course, having full control and ownership is also quite a scary prospect as we’re invested both emotionally and professionally. We’ll be sure to blog about the launch when it happens so watch this space!

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Bankcraft fishing branding


Bankcraft fishing branding