Deciding how to market yourself is one of the most important components of running your own business. With this in mind, rather than just relying on our website to demonstrate our ability, we also set about creating a look book portfolio of our design work.

The book was a labour of love, designed to showcase our work while also making an attractive coffee table adornment, now perfectly at home in many of our clients’ offices as we speak.

The idea behind our look book was to give us something we could leave behind following consultations and pitches, something a bit different that would leave a lasting impression and make us stand out, while giving our clients something to refer to at a later date, should they not require our services straight away.

It was an extremely satisfying and self indulgent process, to compile a book full of all the best work you’ve done over your entire career. It was both refreshing and sometimes rather worrying when we realised just how much there was to choose between from over the years.

We spent a lot of time ensuring the book was printed on a stock that offset its contents, while making sure it was durable enough to stand as many looks as people wanted to take! The results have so far been extremely well received, so much so that we’ve created a smaller version that just showcases the logos we’ve worked on.

Here’s a sneak preview of how they look. To see the whole thing, get in touch and book a design consultation here.