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Al Dahbashi Gray marks a significant milestone for us as it’s the first project we’ve completed for a client from the UAE and we’re extremely proud of this fact. The law firm, which has offices in both Dubai and London, is the result of a new partnership between two existing prolific businesses.

The client was very specific in their requests in that they wanted a brand identity that was luxurious, professional and that could represent a company that operates at the top of it’s field. The look was also to have a masculine feel and be able to stand the test of time.

A number of different options were tried out for the branding and, once the final design was decided upon, a number of different colour palettes were experimented with to ensure the finished result was just right. We created a monogram to convey the unity and collaboration between the two companies that had come together to create Aldahbashi Gray. To compliment the monogram, we also created a bespoke font for the company name. As with any project, we worked extremely closely with our client here to ensure that they were involved in the branding process and a metallic look for the logo, specifically for when applied to business cards, was specified from the outset. The bronze finish gives it that luxurious, touch-of-class look that was desired. In a world with smartphones, where business cards are more about a statement as opposed to a practical means to swap details, the finish applied to any given card becomes paramount and the finish used here definitely delivers. The fact that one side of the card features the company details in English, the other Arabic (this itself opened our eyes to a whole new wonderful world of typography) also makes  the cards look particularly special.

Once agreed, the branding was then applied to a full suite of stationery and we set about designing a website. The website too had to have a very specific look that was classy, contemporary and high end. We always use a WordPress platform to build our websites to make it easy for the client to manage once we hand it over. We build the sites from the bottom up to ensure they work flawlessly and to ensure they can be adapted and change as and when the business does.