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The idea behind the Bias Gym completely fascinates us. To put it very simply,  the company provides businesses with a scientific analysis of any bias that exists within their organisation in regards to race, sexuality, religion, gender and so on and then provides counsel on how to become more objective in their business operations.

However, while the company itself was really interesting, the task of creating a brand identity that captured all of this was somewhat challenging. We spent many hours in the development stage for this project and took a lot of time to carefully decide the colour palette, iconography and typeface so that it was as neutral as possible while still being eye-catching, contemporary and professional.

Luckily, the client was delighted with our proposal and a few tweaks later the branding was born. The finished result is complex but balanced and the colour palette, while directed by our client, was finely tuned by us to ensure the colours worked well together.

The logo lends itself to being transformed into sub-brands and used for different areas of the business, keeping the brain as the consistent feature.

We feel that this logo says a lot but subtly and both we, and our client, are really happy with it. We might be biased though.