Graphic design & brochure design

EduCare is the leading provider of essential duty of care and safeguarding training. With more than 1,000 course completers every day, the online learning provider needed a brochure design that would be suitable for a wide audience.

The company prides itself on providing the highest quality learning programmes developed and delivered in partnership with leading experts to more than four million people to date.

Littlefish was briefed to design a brochure that was eye-catching and engaging so EduCare was able to widen its market and appeal to a variety of people looking to improve their duty of care and safeguarding knowledge.

The company had used various design agencies previously and this posed the problem that much of its collateral was now either out of date or not in sync with the other existing material. Littlefish was tasked in creating a brochure that would fit in with the look of the company’s new website and therefore dictate the branding going forward.

With over 70 programmes available in EduCare’s portfolio, we also needed to create a brochure design that could be rolled out across the entire marketing suite and would be appropriate in whatever colour combination was used to represent a given programme.

The final result was bright, contemporary and adaptable. We also maximised the use of the company’s existing photography and iconography and incorporated them seamlessly into our updated design so that the brochure was in keeping with the business’ existing corporate style but bang up to date with fresh appeal.

We’ve also been working with a partner company, Infinite Pixel, to create a video for EduCare. Did we mention we did that too? No rest for the wicked as they say…