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The Gulf Elite Tour is the latest and most luxurious showjumping event to hit the UAE.

With its founders being some of the most influential people in Dubai we needed to ensure that the brand identity we created was worthy.

We spent a lot of time in the development stage with the initial brand identity so that we knew it was perfect before we applied it to the myriad of collateral that comes with hosting such a large-scale, prolific event.

We knew from the get-go that we wanted to include a horse in the logo but to make it stand out, we created ours from scratch, using an image of one of the Gulf Elite ambassadors s and world-class showjumper, Sheikh Ali as the basis for what was to come. We spent a lot of time and care to ensure that every aspect of the horse’s form accurately represented the epitome of perfect posture and also oozed class, and that the placement of the stars that represented the member states of the UAE that were involved with the programme were positioned sympathetically to the overall design.

We used a royal blue and tasteful gold colour for the palette to enforce the luxurious side of the event and the typeface chosen for the wording was selected to compliment this.

The designs we created have been applied to everything associated with the event from business cards to official apparel, horses coats and billboards and have been well received in all areas.

To accompany the event, we also managed the production of a series of videos that were to be used for TV advertising and social media. Working with partner company, Face Fiction, we flew to both Dubai and the Netherlands to capture the event ambassadors in their own environments and to give the videos a personal touch. They were then edited to capture the excitement, drama and class of the event that was to come.