Branding design, logo design and website

With branding design it’s sometimes nice to express your softer side. What better way to do this than to brand a wedding company? Olive Blossom is just that. The company is responsible for organising perfect wedding days for couples wanting to tie the knot on the beautiful Greek islands. This was a start up company so we got to make a real impact on the look and feel of the branding and this is something we always relish, it’s our passion.

We devised everything from the colour palette to the logo and website. It was important to us that the final designs were clean, contemporary and conveyed the romantic nature of the business without being cliche. The colour palette we chose features natural, light colours inspired by the olive tree itself and when incorporated with the font and emblem ensures the look is totally fitting.

On projects such as this when we are working with a start up company it’s also really important that we work closely and in collaboration with the company in question. With Olive Blossom, the clients were consulted with at each stage and presented work in progress so they felt fully involved in the process and felt they had ownership over the final result. We take pride in our relationships with our clients and feel taking a collaborative approach to projects works wonders when it comes to building long term professional partnerships.

Our clients were delighted with the results and we wish them every success with their big, beautiful Greek weddings.


Olive Blossom Weddings branding design

Olive Blossom Weddings logo design

Olive Blossom Weddings business card design

Olive Blossom Weddings branding design symbol