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WOWHOW was an exciting new app concept when we first started working on it. The idea behind the project was to create an app that would be available on both iOS and Android devices and that would allow users to try out new looks, take make up tutorials from a virtual beautician and then shop products to ensure the perfect look.

Littlefish was involved with this project from the outset, creating the brand identity, logo and app identity. We worked extremely closely with the client who, in turn, was liaising closely with a working group of experts from different fields to ensure the app had the best chance of success.

The look we wanted to go for for this was high end, luxurious and professional. We needed to create a brand that would, in the most part, appeal to a female audience but with a broad age range. The final visual features a contemporary feminine look, with a complementary colour palette. The font is bespoke and the addition of the make up tools gives it an easily recognisable identity.

The client has been delighted with the results for the WOWHOW project so far. The app is now fully approved and available for download. We’re extremely proud of the branding produced for this project and look forward to seeing the app become a roaring success.