GP Pall Mall is the leading Spanish tile agent feeding the UK and Irish markets. Although the company had been operating in the UK for a number of years it hadn’t yet completely settled on its brand identity.

Littlefish was called in initially to produce a very simple and straightforward presentation for GP Pall Mall to use in a pitch to a well known trade association. The business owner, George, was so impressed with what was produced that he was soon asking for consultation on his entire brand identity. Since then, we’re pretty confident we can say we’ve opened his eyes to the power of a strong, consistent brand.

George is hardworking, ambitious and keen to expand his activity in the UK market further. Once he’d started working with Littlefish, he was keen for us to  collaborate to ensure the company’s brand was ready for this exciting period of growth.

With this in mind we set about recreating the brand from scratch. We came up with a host of initial ideas, providing consultation to George throughout the process to ensure he felt involved and had enough input to make the end result exactly what he was after. This wasn’t always easy though as George is Spanish and we struggle with English on the best of days!

A new logo was created and rolled out across the company’s entire suite of collateral, giving it a consistent feel it hadn’t had before. The logo and wider brand identity now adorns everything from email signatures to marketing collateral, stationery to the company vehicles and everything in between.

For the design itself we opted for a clean, contemporary feel that reflected the luxury, top-of-the-range product that GP Pall Mall was marketing. The colour pallet  and shape of the logo was inspired by the natural tones and clean, sharp lines of the tiles themselves. The pallet allows the brand to be usable, flexible and will stand the test of time. There we go again, boring people with the theory behind our concepts!

From a simple presentation, we have gone on to not only reinvent the GP Pall Mall brand but are also responsible for its new product brochures which are used across Europe, as well as its new website of which there are two versions, one for the UK and one for the Irish market.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with GP Pall Mall and look forward to continuing to develop the brand as the business itself grows and gains momentum. It’s been fantastic to work with someone so open to consultation and guidance on what’s right for their company and we’re delighted with the results to date. See more of our work with GP Pall Mall here: