Why it pays to pay for a decent logo

By Matthew Glover

Having worked in design for longer than we care to remember it still never fails to surprise us when potential clients question the value of spending ‘too much’ on a logo.

To us, it’s obvious that a logo is absolutely the most important part of any brand identity but then logos are our passion, so of course they’re important to us. To those who have never had to consider the intricacies of a logo perhaps their significance just isn’t so clear. Here, we discuss our reasons why we think investing in a good logo is vital to establishing a successful brand.

Learn from the big boys

The world’s biggest company’s, with the world’s most recognisable logos, spend big on them. For example, BP spent £136m on introducing its current sunflower design. Now, of course, most companies don’t have that kind of budget but it proves that in order to get it right, investment is needed. Whether your company is big or small, having a logo that is absolutely perfect to you and your business aspirations is paramount.

Your logo is you

Let’s face it, first impressions count. Us humans make our minds up about people, places and businesses quickly. More often than not your logo is one of the first aspects of your business that people will encounter so it’s absolutely vital you put your best foot forward. Building positive associations with a logo takes time of course, once a company proves its trust and delivers a consistently good service people will learn to love the company and the logo alike. But, before all of that happens a good logo could mean the difference between someone deciding to give you the opportunity to earn their trust or not.

Your logo is your USP

A good logo must be attention grabbing, memorable and make you stand out from your competitors. There are no two logos the same so in many ways your logo is part of your USP. Whether you are bigger, stronger or greener than your competitors can all easily be portrayed in your logo. With many businesses investing in marketing plans, PR and events to shout loud and proud about why you should pick them over others it makes sense that spending money on a logo that does all of this in one tiny bundle is a sound business decision.

The domino effect

A good logo, once achieved, forms the platforms on which the whole of the rest of your brand identity rests. Get your logo right and the rest will fall into place. Once you have it though, it’s paramount that you take good care of it. Clear and concise brand guidelines should be drawn up to ensure that your logo always sits exactly how it should and is given the space to shine.

It’s easy for us to encourage people to invest in a logo, after all, we’re someone you might end up paying to design it for you but we doubt anybody that has spent good money to get the perfect logo has regretted it. Just ask Macdonalds, FedEx, Nike, Coca Cola, Starbucks…you get our point.

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design agency, leamington spa, graphic design warwickshire, creative agency warwick, littlefish, design agency leamington spa, midlands creative agency

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