ADG branding

Al Dahbashi Gray required a brand identity that would work both here in the UK and in the UAE. The company wanted branding that stood out and looked opulent and professional.

We worked hard to get the word mark within the logo just right, balancing the initials within the brand name to give the overall look that we wanted. Within the logo we also needed to allow for the beautiful Arabic writing that was required. This also needed to balance with and sit perfectly with the main brand name.

The colour palette was again carefully chosen for its luxe feel. We opted for black and bronze to make the brand identity stand out but also give the more masculine yet professional look that was desired.

In addition to taking care of the branding, we also designed and built the Al Dahbashi Gray website. This  again needed to reflect the company’s ambitions to become one of the UAE’s most prolific law firms.

Brand identity for UK and UAE-based law firm

  • Brand Design
  • Branding Design
  • Graphic design
  • Logo Design
  • Print design
  • Web design
  • Web development

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