Boben Construction website design

The Boben Construction website design and build saw us working with a fellow family-run business. The company produces stunning luxury housing developments in Warwickshire. They asked us to produce a website that would show off  both their current properties and future developments. The website design also had to demonstrate their ambitions to build sustainably.

The website design focuses heavily on showing off the beautiful properties that Boben builds. With this in mind we made sure there were plenty of opportunities for images to feature. We also used images featuring building materials, and bold colours, to give the website a strong masculine feel.

The web development saw us build in lots of clever transitions to give the website interest, while also allowing users to move easily around the pages.

The website navigation was also carefully planned to allow for visitors to access the wealth of information present, quickly and easily.

The final look for the Boben Construction website design is contemporary, fun and fit for purpose.

Website design and build for local luxury housing developer

  • Content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Web development
Website design Warwickshire
Website design Warwickshire
Boben Construction website
Web development Warwickshire
Web design Warwickshire
Web design Warwickshire

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