Aurrora logo design

Our logo design for Aurrora is all about the detail. The client wanted us to take inspiration from its namesake, the Aurora Borealis. We studied the movement of the lights and then spent a lot of time  in development to incorporate this into the logo’s form. You can see the logo’s development in our sketches and scamps here. We tried out various iterations until we arrived at the final design.

With all of our branding projects we like to start with hand drawn sketches. We think this allows us the most flexibility and freedom when trying out different ideas and possible design directions. We think that our original workings and development drawings are also really nice to present back to our clients so they can see the process we go through to reach the final design ideas. Having these sketches also allows the client to feel very much part of the process. This is because we can then take elements of the various ideas we have to the next stage of the logo or branding development.

Aurrora is an official partner and content creator for Minecraft Marketplace so it needed a logo that would work well as an icon online and that was suited to the gaming community; contemporary but with a touch of fantasy.


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